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Quantum Physics and the Holy Grail (2010): Piccolo shows how the split between science and spirituality is a false distinction. There is only one truth, just many ways of conceptualizing it. There is a true physics behind miracles and existence, as an extension of absolute consciousness. This consciousness may exist within the zero-point field of physics. The Big Bang of science is no different than the out-breathing of the Hindu Brahman at the moment of creation.
The Gospel of Co-Creation (2007): This book is a brilliant and timely exegesis of the true and hidden meaning of Western spiritual traditions. Piccolo’s scholarly background allows us to seamlessly weave Biblical principles with those of modern day quantum physics and modern spirituality. This is not a book on dogma, but a book on liberation and freedom. Does the Bible teach us that we are co-creators of reality with God? Piccolo, along with modern science, says resoundingly, “YES, it does!”
Essential Healing: Therapy & Consciousness (2005): All healing is based on consciousness and freedom. All freedom is based upon the precept of the existence of free will. Free will can only exist if one is conscious. This also applies to healing. I have divided the presentation of this work into Theory, Method, and Application. The book deals with the metaphysics behind the universe and how consciousness is the basis of all existence.
The Circle (2005): is a wonderful story about witches, angels, demons, and human destiny. It touches the heart in a way not often felt. The classical battle between good and evil must be decided upon for the sake of the Earth itself. It is a struggle of cosmic proportions. The search for the Holy Grail ends and begins with "The Circle."
The Electric Arc (1999): In this modern day world of disparity, nuclear weapons, and globalism, the Bible Codes if proven to be absolutely true, could bring a spiritual renewal and blessing upon modern humanities' skeptical spirit. If the Bible Codes are real, then we are not alone in an existential hollow void of existence in a meaningless universe. The consequences of such a discovery will be the most important paradigm shift humanity has ever known.
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